Classified Ads - You can now post your ad yourself or contact our office to post it for you.  Ads include up to 3 photos and run for 3 months.  All ads must be prepaid.
$20 per pony advertised

Breeders/Farms Listing
- Listings include farm name, owners name, address, telephone, email/website with link and one line of text and run for one year. All listings must be prepaid.
$25 per year

Stallion Directory - Listing of stallion name, registration number, color, height, sire & dam, stallion service fee, owner/lessee name, address, phone number & email/website link. Ads run for the calendar year January-December. All listings must be prepaid.
Plan 1: $15 per stallion - text only in the Winter Welsh Review, no link to your email/website
Plan 2: $15 per stallion - text only on the WPCSA Website with no link to your email/website
Plan 3: $50 per stallion with 1 photo on the WPCSA Website

For more information, contact Welsh Pony & Cob Society at (540) 868-PONY (7669) or email publications@welshpony.org.